Footnotes On Equality

I intersectional subjectivity
II critique of equality
III Put a bra on that girl!
IV What happened to Sara won’t happen again. V I dream
VI collective or individual gender fronts VII Polish Women on Strike
> fieldwork days
VIII healing and community-building
IX No Es País Para Negras
>> emerging solidarities
X women who can no longer speak
XI the presence of borders
XII Our Future Starts Now
>>> Gendering Cities of Culture
XIII (Emerging) Hidden Figures
XIV Ithaca Boxing Gym
>>>>>>>>>>>market-based narratives for equality
>>>>>>>>>>>> the Return of Feminist Dystopian Fiction
XV writing and knitting
XVI embodied discomfort
XVII eyes focused on the broken pieces
XVIII Step in Inequality
XIX (re)reading
XX discontinuous poem
>>>>>>>>>>instituting accessibility
XXI materialities of blood and data flows
XXII The Cartesian Subject of Boxing
XXIII Sister, I Believe You
XXIV From Head to Foot
XXV when existence is not acknowledged
XXVI 2011-present
>>>>>>>>> discrimination in boxing
XXVII Kontrapunkt
XXVIII radical politics of solidarity
XXIX diffraction and reflection
>>>>>>> Ghostly Visions
XXX between power and resistance
XXXI reproductive machines
XXXII pH Gender Scale
XXXIII three acts: arrival, confrontation, and parting
XXXIV Who Decides?
XXXV Atlas of Transitions
>>>>> feeling of intimacy
XXXVI auto-ethnography
XXXVII celebrations of LGBT50
XXXVIII moments of equality
XXXIX her transnational projects
>>>> video editing
>>>>>> No Country for Black Women
>>>>>>>> significance of spaces of equality
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Utopia 2050