The video installation shows a grid of twenty-four different faces. Each face is shaded blue or pink in alternating rhythms due to the lights available in the filming location. The composition creates a vision of twenty-four blue and pink blinking faces. The faces change in an irregular pattern. Over seventy people of different ethnic, gender, and age backgrounds are represented in the film.



Created by Lou Hazelwood and Barbara Grabher

Contributed by Barbara Grabher, 2018

Keywords: Social media, Hull2017, City of Culture

This work explores the process of mediation through a practice of recording and recycling, including the scripted (re)reading of collected and collated social media posts published by Hull2017 Ltd – the organization executing Hull UK City of Culture 2017. Residents were filmed as reflections of themselves, deliberately using gendered tonal lights, and grouped en masse as filmic backdrop.

(Media)ted is a collaboration between Hull-based artist Lou Hazelwood and researcher Barbara Grabher. The project artistically engages and expands with the academic interests explored in the project ‘Gendering Cities of Culture.’ The installation re-interprets the experiential exploration of the production of cultures of equality in the celebrations of Hull as UK City of Culture in 2017.

Full video can be found here.