The object shows bunting. The downwards facing triangles are connected with a white string. Each triangle is tainted in one of the rainbow’s colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Additionally, triangles with the logo of the event are intersecting between the rainbow patterns. The event’s logo is a downwards facing triangle depicting lavender flowers and the lettering LGBT50. The lettering and edges of the triangle are in soft rose colors. Additionally, the lettering is embedded in a wild flower bed, which includes yellow, white, pink and purple flowers.


LGBT50 Bunting

Created by Hull2017 Ltd., 2017

Contributed by Barbara Grabher, 2017

Keywords: Decorations, Equality as a brand

The banners originate from the celebratory week addressed as LGBT50 during Hull’s celebration of the title UK City of Culture. The event series marked the fiftieth anniversary of the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in England and Wales. These decorations physically alternated and marked the central square of the city, which became the stage of interventions and celebrations on the final day of the week-long event series.

The celebrations of LGBT50 are crucial to my research in the production of cultures of equality in the culture-led mega-event in Hull. Next to the importance of the celebrations as field for the investigation. The decorations, and their dismantling and gifting to community members inspires and informs my conceptualizations of the need, value but as well limitations of celebrations of equality.