The image shows a white sheet of paper with black letters on it. Not all the words are visible as some parts of the paper are covered with black blocks. It says: 
Period Tracking Protocol. Johanna. 33 years, Caucasian, cis-female, 0.06.2017, got my period today late or irregular and so stressed. 1. Clue: in time. 2. Mi Calendario: 2 days late I press the dog I feel more pain. 3. Period Tracker: 6 days late! 4. Eve: 1 day late select “edit period.” 18.07.2017: correctly. I realize that I am less and less interested in comfortable stress at work this also influences my cycle not as regular as it used to be. I already know 11.08.2017: schmierblutung it’s complicated. 14.08.2017: not working properly Eve. Must be connected to another cycle without internet.


Period Tracking Protocol

Contributed by Johanna Levy, 2017

Keywords: Redacted auto-ethnography

Period Tracking Protocol is inspired by Jenny Holzer’s paintings where she uses declassified secret service documents and transforms them by adding black blocks.

The piece departs from one of the pages of my auto-ethnography and has been transformed with black blocks to depict the practice of self-censorship (not entering/sharing data) when engaging with digital tracking technologies. The black blocks change the original meaning of the text, creating a discontinuous poem.