The object is an image of an underground. On the right, we see a escalator painted in blue with the Mars symbol, while on the left we have a staircase painted in pink with the Venus symbol on it. There is a man using the escalator and a woman about to start going up the stairs. On the floor, right before the escalator and the stairs begin, we can read a sign that says “Step in Inequality. The road to the top is not the same for men and women.”


“Step in Inequality” installation view

Created by Chandani Karnik and Kazunori Shiina, 2013

Contributed by Paola Prieto López, 2013

Keywords: Installation, Inequality, Staircase

The installation aims at visually representing how gender inequality can manifest, particularly in the business world, by asking people to take two different sets of stairs in order to show how ‘the road to the top is not the same for men and women.’