The object is a photo of a passerby looking at a mural by the artist Belén Deniz in the stairs of Campillín Park in Oviedo, Spain. There is a handrail that separates the part of the stairs where the mural is and where the woman is. The mural was part of the “Urban Art Contest: A World on the Move. Women and Refuge” in Oviedo and portrays the face of a Muslim woman wearing the veil. In the background we can see some buildings that are part of the city.


A World on the Move, Women and Refuge

Created by Belén Deniz, 2017

Name of collector: Paola Prieto López, 2017

Keywords: Mural, Public Space, Migration, Oviedo

The mural was part of the urban art contest ‘A World on the Move. Women and Refuge,’ which sought to make visibile the reality of migrants and refugees in the city of Oviedo, Spain.

The mural shows an encounter between a white woman and the painting of the Muslim woman as if both were in a conversation with each other. They seem to be acknowledging a shared space in the city, but the handrail reminds us of the presence of borders between them.