Orange plastic shell that would contain the surprise in a Kinder chocolate egg. The shell is filled rice or corn so that it makes noise when shaken.


Uovo s’ode from Hula Hoop Cultural Center

Contributed by Tommaso Trillò, 2016

Keywords: Surprise egg, VAW

These objects were distributed during the first Non una di Meno rally in Rome on 26 November 2016.

Uovo s’ode is the name of an ingenious campaign promoted by the Hula Hoop Cultural Center in Rome, Italy, on occasion of the Non una di Meno rally to protest male perpetrated violence against women. The campaign exploits the word play created by the similar sound of uovo s’ode [an egg you can hear] and uova sode [boiled eggs]. The object is the inner plastic shell of a Kinder egg filled with corn seeds, and was used to make noise. It stands for the voices of the women who can no longer speak, and accompanies chants at the rally. Every original egg had the name of a victim of femicide and the date of her murder.

I gathered the object while attending the rally for my fieldwork.

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