Twenty-four cotton T-shirts in different colors with handmade messages in English and Spanish about gender violence. For example, one has the phrase “Healing is not a linear process” written on it, below six feathers. Another one is torn, simulating an eye, and has phrases about rape connected with arrows (“Shhh; you are a woman now; boys will be boys, can’t you just get over it?; Don’t tell”). Another one has a pink hand pasted on, with the thumb cut and bleeding. Inside the hand, the message written is “I am not an object, I feel”.


The Global Clothesline Project: Challenging Global Gender Violences

Contributed by Orianna Calderòn, 2016

Granada GEMMA Clothesline. Produced after a workshop with students from the GEMMA programme (Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies) at the University of Granada Women’s Studies Center in 2016. Organised by Susan Rose, Adelina Sánchez Espinosa and Orianna Calderón Sandoval.

Keywords: Global Clothesline

During this workshop participants were invited to create T-shirts expressing their experiences with gender violence and healing, which were then publicly displayed on a clothesline. “The Global Clothesline Project” began in 1993, directed by the Susan Rose (Women’s Center at Dickinson College). It is a visual display that bears witness to gender violence and provides opportunities for healing and community-building. It relates to the construction of cultures of gender equality because it’s a collective activity where gender violence is discussed, rejected, and politicized.