A3 poster displaying the logo of the Polish Women's strike: the silhouette of a woman’s head. The silhouette is looking rightwards and is white on black background. Inside the silhouette, the words “Polish women on strike” in black font. On top of the silhouette, the date "03/10" in white font. Below the silhouette, the words “We are not going to work / warning strike” in white font, all capitals.


“Polish Women on Strike” poster

Created by Ola Jasionowska, 2016

Contributed by Tommaso Trillò, 2016

Keywords: Abortion, Legislation, Poland, Women’s rights, A3 poster

In the end of late 2016, the Polish parliament attempted to pass legislation to make abortion de facto illegal in all cases in the country. Polish women and men mobilized and staged a large-scale protest in the streets of Warsaw in early October and managed to pressure the government to discard the law proposal. The poster invites potential adherents to join the rally.

In the past three years, feminist organising in Europe has succeeded in mobilizing people to fight for reproductive rights (abortion, healthcare, and education) and affected positive changes. Another example is Ireland, where the government agreed to hold a referendum in 2018, which resulted in a reform of the country’s near-total ban on abortion.

Although my research is not strictly on the topic, the fact that I was residing in Poland at the time of the event in Warsaw, enabled me to participate in the rally.