A pair of pink boxing gloves.


Pink Boxing Gloves

Contributed by Zuzanna Szutenberg, 2016

Keywords: Boxing gloves, Sports, Women

Cultural norms suggest that violence and aggression is strictly against [the] ‘female nature.’ Sports, which require a significant deal of toughness, physical strength, and readiness to take pain, are – although nowadays open for women – considered as unfeminine. Female boxing is for many the most unacceptable sport for women, because it violates norms of femininity. Women fighting against each other are either pathologized or ridiculed – as the term ‘chick fight’ shows.

However, in my research on European gender equality policies and their visual representation and the popular discourse around them, I’ve often found the struggle of women for equality expressed through the metaphor of battle or fight against patriarchal oppression. Still today, every day, women fight on their collective or individual gender fronts. I bought these gloves for myself and I believe that every little girl should be given a pair.