An image of red graffiti on a street-side, gray concrete wall. The graffiti reads ‘Il femminicida non è malato, è un figlio sano del patriarcato’ [‘the femicidal murderer is not mentally ill, he is a healthy son of patriarchy’].


Protesting Femicide in Rome, Italy

Contributed by Tommaso Trillò, 2016

Keywords: Graffiti, Rome, Italy

This graffiti appeared in Rome, Italy, following the femicide of 22-year-old Sara Di Pietrantonio by her ex-boyfriend on 29 May 2016. Despite public attention and specific legislation to target femminicidio, the murder of women by former partners has been on the rise in Italy; a worrying development that is regularly countered by the Non una di Meno feminist network. The femicide of Sara in Rome triggered a major public uproar. A relatively large march was organized in the area surrounding the site of the murder, where this graffiti appeared. The protest also migrated to social media, where it eventually consolidated in the hashtag-slogan #saranonsarà (roughly translating to ‘What happened to Sara won’t happen again.’)

Part of my research on the social media follows the work on Non una di Meno, the network that most probably orchestrated the demonstration during which the graffiti were painted.