necklace with a pendant. The necklace and pendant are black metal. The pendant is bordered by a lattice in black metal and it contains a thumb-sized portrait picture with a domed plastic covering.



Contributed by Athena-Maria Enderstein, 2016

Keywords: Audre Lorde, Portrait, Feminism, Voice

A necklace with a picture of Audre Lorde, the ‘black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet,’ was given to me by two of my best friends who knew that I treasure her words. It is a symbol of our sisterhood, not based on shared histories or positionalities, but on the strength of our connection.

This necklace informs the way that I see equality work and knowledge production, characterized as it is by plurality and intimately bound up with borders, boundaries, and power. Lorde’s strength and ownership of her intersectional subjectivity is a reminder to us all.