A video-essay with fragments from “Dalla Testa ai Piedi”[From Head to Foot]

Created by Simone Cangelosi, 2007

Contributed by Orianna Calderón, 2018

Keywords: Video, Cangelosi

The video essay combines fragments from Simone Cangelosi’s opera prima, Dalla Testa ai Piedi [From Head to Foot] (2007), with an interview we had on October 2017 as part of my GRACE research project. In the interview we talk about how feminist and LGBT activism has informed his audiovisual work.

In his film, Cangelosi makes visible and reflects upon his transition process from female to male. By recording himself, he uses the filmic medium to put Simone into the world: To give him a body, a voice and a history. In so doing, he makes legible two gendered lives carried out by the same person, thus questioning the dominant gender visuality regime that categorizes and defines people as either women or men, depending on the sex they are assigned at birth.

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