A3 poster on heavy paper. Red-and-blue writing on yellow background.
Front page: writing stylized to look like paint brushed on a wall. The poster reads “Our future starts now!” in block caps, red font. The sentence is complemented with light-blue campaign logos for each of the objectives of EWL’s campaign. Underneath the slogan, the EWL twenty-fifth anniversary logo, web address, and campaign hashtag (#ourfuture) are displayed in smaller light-blue font. On the left, the poster reads “Women’s rights are human rights” in small font, vertically disposed, block caps.


“Our Future Starts Now” by European Women’s Lobby

Poster by Take Shape Studio

Contributed by Tommaso Trillò, 2017

Keywords: Poster, Women’s rights, Europe

The poster was issued by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) for the purpose of dissemination after approving a list of strategic priorities for the time span 2016–20. On one side is the slogan ‘Our Future Starts Now’ while on the other sides it has a list of five key priorities: (1) ensure institutional mechanisms for women’s human rights, (2) end violence against women, (3) promote a feminist economic model based on equality, well­being, care, and social justice, (4) challenge and change the culture of sexism and stereotypes, and (5) position women at the heart of decision-making.

The European Women’s Lobby is one of the most powerful pro-equality lobby organizations at the European level. They have been advocating for women’s rights and gender equality with a focus on Europe since 1987. I was given this poster together with other promotional material when I visited the EWL headquarters for a research interview in March 2017.

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